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Unique Book Notes Template

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Get a well-designed place, where to track your readings and take book notes.

Features of Unique Book Notes Template:

  • Write book notes
  • Store all your readings
  • Track your progress
  • Build a part of your second brain
  • Process your notes from books and transform them into your whole life

Pre-made book notes by Default in the template:

✅ Write A Book In Two Hours

✅ Time Is Not Infinite: 12 Principles to Make The Best Use Of Your Time

✅ Speed Reading: Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour

✅ 1% Success Habits: 10 Daily Habits to Crush Your Day

✅ The Miser

✅ Romeo and Juliet

✅ How The Brain Works

✅ About Food and Drink Elsewhere and at Some Other Time

Define the basic information about books:

🙍 Author


🗃️Kind of Literature



📅Date Finished

🗒️Notes Status

🔗Link to the Book

📄Type of Document

What's inside:

  1. Tools to help you write notes from the books
  2. Place where you can store all your readings
  3. Examples of how you can take notes from the books
  4. Basic information about books
  5. Content of the books
    1. The book in brief
    2. The book in 3 words
    3. Impressions
      1. How I discovered it
      2. Who should read it
    4. How the book changed me
    5. My top 3 quotes
    6. Main Ideas
  6. Nine examples of book notes
  7. Productivity tips
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Due to the nature of Notion templates where you receive a link after purchase and can immediately duplicate the template to your own Notion workspace, there is no way to restrict customers to take advantage of this and request full refunds after every purchase. This is why only partial refunds will be issued at 50% in case someone is unsatisfied with their purchase.

Last updated Jul 30, 2023

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Unique Book Notes Template

6 ratings
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