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Irresistible Offer OS - Get More Sales & Money

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Irresistible Offer OS provides a system that allows you to rethink the way you create, plan and write offers that sell.

Built with Notion, Irresistible Offer OS is the first of its kind; a workspace for any type of business creating offers for their products in copies, sales emails and ad campaigns.

But at first, learn what Irresistible Offer is:

You control what your prospects do, not the other way around

Irresistible Offer is a concept developed by an entrepreneur called Alex Hormozi who used this method to help businesses grow to $100M+ every single year.

He accomplished that by starting to create irresistible offers for businesses transforming common prospects into prospects saying “WOW, this is an absolute no-brainer! I MUST buy this right now!”

To be honest, creating irresistible offers that do the same as Hormozi’s is difficult.

… but, what if I told you there was a solution to that?

Enter Irresistible Offer OS
Irresistible Offer OS offers people more control of their processes to not only create offers that are so good, that people can’t say “no”, but to learn the complete process of producing irresistible offers, getting inspiration from the best ones, managing their products, generating offer enhancers and making prospects buy the products all from one digital place.

Who will benefit from Irresistible Offer OS?


Are you writing product copies for your products or ad campaigns? Let me guess, do you always start from scratch and don’t know how to start? No more. Irresistible Offer OS will help you generate high-compelling product copies to reach your full potential which will make people buy what you’re offering.


Do you write books or articles? I guess you want to make people fall in love with what you’re writing. That’s where Irresistible Offer OS comes from. It will help you to create stunning headlines or titles for your writings. Guess what, successful writers are not the best-writing authors, but best-selling authors.

Shops & Communities

Whether you’re a local shop or an online community, if you’re offering your products on the regular to your prospects or members, you’ll want Irresistible Offer OS. It’ll help you structure what products or services to sell, how to create stunning high-converting offers and even help you with your products’ marketing!

Email marketers

If you’re a dedicated email marketer, writing emails for yourself or for clients, Irresistible Offer OS will help you do more of what you do best. It’ll help you generate email headers with a high click-through rate and produce emails that make you and your clients money through effective call-to-action buttons.

This is why Irresistible Offer OS is for you

So you’ve finally gotten the first sale of your product. Or you just hit your 1,000th customer.

You’ve created product copies and had great results. Or maybe you’ve produced your 100th edition and people are still not buying even your free products.

Imagine if you had a database of irresistible offers ideas, power words, offer enhancers or an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and successes. Maybe you need to launch your first product with a high-compelling copy. Where do you begin? In what order do you tell prospects information about your product? What’s the system?

This is where Irresistible Offer OS comes in…

Who says you have to be stuck using the same old Product-Copy Templates without having even one irresistible offer?

No one says that.

My name is James. As a rising creator myself, building an iNotion digital brand and selling products, I desperately needed software like this.

I wanted to up my selling game, and pimp up my processes, but creating high-converting offers inside a lot of Google Docs files from scratch sucked. So I had to build it myself.

The 7 critical features that sales software should offer:

  1. Educational sources - at first, learn the whole sales process to fully understand selling
  2. Templates and components - a place to save and reuse what performs
  3. Easy-to-use builder - using your templates and components to write product copies just by answering a few questions
  4. Product sales - create and monitor progress on your sales like conversion rates or revenue
  5. Idea database - keep track of your great ideas in one place, and pull them up when writing your product copies
  6. Product manager - create only those products that people want, and don’t waste your time on those that won’t make you even a penny
  7. Pre-made components & templates - Every sales software should come with pre-built templates to use. Irresistible Offer OS provides just that, to help you save endless amounts of time and money.

Irresistible Offer OS offers all that and more…

4 sales problems, solved.

One place to organize

Irresistible Offer OS offers a place to collect all your product copies, products, ideas, templates or frameworks. No need to switch between apps to manage your sales. Simply pull up your templates and start selling.

Create high-compelling product copies in fewer clicks

Irresistible Offer OS is designed as minimally as possible to offer a tidy sales experience optimized for creating high-converting sales pitches by simply answering a few questions and dropping the people straight to buy your product or service without hesitation.

Manage multiple products

Manage different products or services in your online shop. Create a high-converting offer on your new product and even track real-time progress on your past ones.

Pre-built components

When sellers block hits, having a database of curated ideas, components, templates and inspiration will help tremendously. Irresistible Offer OS offers just that. Add your own templates or use the pre-built ones.

I want this!

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of Notion templates where you receive a link after purchase and can immediately duplicate the template to your own Notion workspace, there is no way to restrict customers to take advantage of this and request full refunds after every purchase. This is why only partial refunds will be issued at 50% in case someone is unsatisfied with their purchase.

Last updated Jul 30, 2023

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Irresistible Offer OS - Get More Sales & Money

4 ratings
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