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The Twitter Accelerator

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Grow your Twitter audience to 10,000 followers

Let me show you how to grow from DAY ONE.

The Twitter Accelerator is a blueprint that will teach you how to start a Twitter account from the ground up. Learn how to get your first 1000 followers effortlessly.

Why did I create this guide?

Twitter is the future of social media for business use. I want to help you become a master of marketing by helping you understand how the Twitter algorithm truly works.

When I first started using Twitter, I quit multiple times simply because I was overwhelmed with putting in so much effort without seeing any tangible results.

It took a while before I learned how Twitter growth actually works, and that's what I am sharing with you in this guide.

Problems you may be facing:

  • I don't know where to begin
  • I'm unsure about what works on Twitter
  • I'm overwhelmed with all the growth advice
  • I don't know what actions to take to grow
  • I don't understand the algorithm and how to use it
  • I can't seem to grow my Twitter audience no matter what I do

In the Twitter Accelerator, we will cover:

Chapter 1: Establishing a Solid Foundation

  • Module 1: Building a brand, not a following
  • Module 2: Market of one
  • Module 3: Optimizing your profile, in depth
  • Module 4: Refining your offer
  • Module 5: How to make people love your brand
  • Module 6: 3 unique content pillars

Chapter 2: Growing an Organic Following

  • Module 1: Skyrocketing your engagement
  • Module 2: Newsletter creation
  • Module 3: What is an email list?
  • Module 4: Best platforms to create your email list on
  • Module 5: How to segment your list
  • Module 6: How to mistake-proof your email list
  • Module 7: Putting together a welcome sequence

Chapter 3: Mastering the Art of DMs

  • Module 1: DMs are where the money is made
  • Module 2: Get the reply
  • Module 3: Warm them up first
  • Module 4: Establish trust fast
  • Module 5: Get on that call
  • Module 6: Make the DM
  • Module 7: How to put together a landing page
  • Module 8: How to launch your lead magnet & email list
  • Module 9: Creating landing page
  • Module 10: Getting calls booked

Chapter 4: Creating Engaging Tweets and Threads

  • Module 1: Build trust thanks to tweets & threads
  • Module 2: How to write tweets
  • Module 3: How to write threads
  • Module 4: Content checklist
  • Module 5: Resources

Chapter 5: Building & Converting Connections Into Customers

  • Module 1: Networking to build friendships
  • Module 2: Your first $$$ of Twitter
  • Module 3: Networking resources
  • Module 4: Customers resources

Bonus: Private Community

  • Access to private community of Twitter creators designed to encourage, help, motivate and support each other (as well as get added engagement on tweets).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this guarantee Twitter growth?
    Nothing in life is certain. This guide gives you all the tools, resources and strategies you need to grow on Twitter, but your results depend on the actions you take. If you're hard-working and dedicated, I guarantee you'll see results using these strategies.
  2. Is there a free trial for this guide?
    Yes, you can read the first chapter on profile setup & optimization for free to get a feel of what's inside the rest of the guide. Click here to read the first chapter.
  3. Can you help me grow my account on autopilot?
    I know better than anyone that growing a Twitter audience is time-consuming and not for everyone. Some people just want the credibility and authority that comes with an audience without spending a year doing the hard work.

    If you're a founder, investor or entrepreneur, I can help you ghostwrite your tweets and organically grow your account for you. Click here and shoot me a message.
  4. Can I share this with anyone else?
    No. This product has a private license. If you wish to share it with someone, please direct them to this page.
  5. Can I be your affiliate?
    Sure thing! You can sign up as an affiliate here.
  6. Can I ask you questions?
    Of course, always. You can send me an email at
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Last updated Nov 17, 2023

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The Twitter Accelerator

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